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Train to Mongolia


Mongolia is connected by The Trans-Siberian Railway with Russia and China. The Trans-Siberian Railroad is definitely the longest railway in the world.  Trains runs between Moscow, Ulaanbaatar and Beijing. This is the most exciting way to arrive in Ulaanbaatar. 

International train:  Ulaanbaatar-Moscow-Ulaanbaatar and Moscow-Ulaanbaatar-Moscow depart twice a week. There are trains every day between Irkutsk and Ulaanbaatar. Trains from Moscow to Ulaanbaatar takes 5 days
Departure Station: Moscow, Yaroslavsky railway station (at 21.30, Moscow Time) and Ulaanbaatar central train station.

International train: Ulaanbaatar- Beijing and Beijing- Ulaanbaatar trains departs twice a week and train takes about 35 hours journey.
Departure Station: Beijing, central  railway station (at 7.45am, Beijing time ) and Ulaanbaatar central train station. Mongolian and Chinese Railway Authorities put on an additional train during the busy tourist season, but this is only announced once the busy tourist season is already underway.

Trans-Siberian line

§  MoscowYaroslavsky Rail Terminal (0 km, Moscow Time).

§  Vladimir (210 km, MT)

§  Nizhny Novgorod (461 km, 6 hours, MT) on the Volga River. Its railroad         station is still called by its old Soviet name Gorky, and is so listed in most timetables.

§  Kirov (917 km, 13 hours, MT) on the Vyatka River.

§  Perm (1,397 km, 20 hours, MT+2) on the Kama River

§  Official boundary between Europe and Asia (1,777 km), marked by a white obelisk.

§  Yekaterinburg (1,778 km, 1 day 2 hours, MT+2) in the Urals, still called by its old Soviet name Sverdlovsk in most timetables.

§  Tyumen (2,104 km)

§  Omsk (2,676 km, 1 day 14 hours, MT+3) on the Irtysh River

§  Novosibirsk (3,303 km, 1 day 22 hours, MT+3) on the Ob River

§  Krasnoyarsk (4,065 km, 2 days 11 hours, MT+4) on the Yenisei River

§  Taishet (4,483 km), junction with the Baikal-Amur Mainline

§  Irkutsk (5,153 km, 3 days 4 hours, MT+5) near Lake Baikal's southern extremity

§  Ulan Ude (5,609 km, 3 days 12 hours, MT+5) eastern shore of Lake Baikal

§  Junction with the Trans-Mongolian line (5,622 km)

Trans-Mongolian line

The Trans-Mongolian line follows the same route as the Trans-Siberian between Moscow and Ulan Ude, and then follows this route to Mongolia and China:

§  Branch off from the Trans-Siberian line (5,655 km from Moscow)

§  Naushki (5,895 km, MT+5), Russian border town

§  RussianMongolian border (5,900 km, MT+5)

§  Sükhbaatar (5,921 km, MT+5), Mongolian border town

§  Ulan Bator (6,304 km, MT+5), the Mongolian capital

§  Zamyn-Üüd (7,013 km, MT+5), Mongolian border town

§  Erenhot (842 km from Beijing, MT+5), Chinese border town

§  Datong (371 km, MT+5)

§  Beijing (MT+5)

§  Moscow-Beijing is 7,622 km (4,735 miles) via Ulan Bator

§  In Russia, children under 5 sharing a berth with an adult go free, children 5 to 10 travel at half the adult fare. 

§  On the Trans-Mongolian international trains (trains 3, 4, 19, 20), children under 4 go free if they share a berth, children 4 to 11 (inclusive) travel at 75% of the adult fare. 

§  For journeys wholly within China, children under 120cm tall travel free, 120-150cm tall travel for half fare, over 150cm tall pay full fare (new child height limits as from December 2010).


Compartments have beds, a table, and plenty of storage space. In each carriage there is a toilet and washroom, and a "samovar" dispensing hot water for tea and coffee. Attendants are constantly present to keep the train clean and orderly. "Lux" compartments have two beds and are really quite luxurious. "Coupe" or "hard class" have four bunks per compartment, all with clean sheets and blankets supplied. Some trains have an intermediate "soft class" with 4 softer beds. Please click here and read tips for passengers about Trans Siberian Train.

The Trans Siberian Railway system is still rather antiquated and tightly under the control of the Railway Authorities of China, Mongolia and Russia. Finding the low cost train tickets from Mongolia to Russia, China and booking tickets on the internet is not easy. Obtaining Mongolian train tickets by online is nothing like the simple way in most developed countries. Mongolian Railway ticketing office issue tickets 1 month before the departure. So train tickets need to be booked well in advance, even though they will only be issued near to the date of departure. July, August, September and October are high tourist season in Mongolia. Most tourists travelling by Trans Siberian railway come into Mongolia in this time. So we recommend it's better to book your train tickets at your earliest convenience. 


We make choosing and buying your train ticket easy. Your holiday is in safe hands with us. We are fully licenced Mongolian Travel Agency and officially accredited by Tourism Ministry of Mongolian Government and all bookings, once made and paid for are guaranteed.

1. Easy booking process/ Save your time
Our customers say the easy booking process is one of the main reasons they buy from us. With secured payments in your local currency, payment is quick and easy. Please fill up our ticket booking form and send us. Our operators will find out best deals for you. You don't need to search many travel sites.

2. Customer Support:
We don't only offering advice on trains, We can help you with visas, overnight hotels in Ulaanbaatar and free train transfers.  Also we will give you hand to assist with any changes, cancellations or extensions to a traveler’s train ticket.

3. Price Guarantee
Reserve your chosen ticket for 48 hours whilst you confirm with your family or friends, and we guarantee that rate: no surprises, no overnight price hikes. We have secure credit card payment facilities.

4. Local touch, get your ticket at your home
we'll deliver your tickets direct to your address.

5. Best value/ value for money?
Our relationships with train ticketing office in Ulaanbaatar that mean we can bring you exclusive offers and the best prices. So that means more money for the important things in life, like an extra ice-cream.

6. The Specialist
As we have been closely connected the Mongol Rally participants through our Western Mongol Rally camp, we've been helping travelers for over 3 years. In 2009-2011, we've sold over different routes to more than 600 travelers – rely on our experience to get the most out of your holiday.


Train Stopover Tour options in Mongolia:
We can organize your adventure and fun tours and accommodation in Mongolia as well.

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Client's comment

Just a quick email to thank you and all your people for a well organised and enjoyable tour. We arrived back on Saturday and have just finished unpacking. We are pleased with our photos of Mongolia and will forward some pictures of birds for you to identify.
Thanks again........
Terry Briggs
Dr S Subba Rao (England,UK)

Hi Ganaa and Buyant
I can confirm that Hovd Tour organised a fantastic
Mongolian adventure for me. From the greeting at the airport I was filled with confidence that I was in capable hands and my feelings were proved correct.
At no time did I ever feel uneasy whilst such a long way from home, my guides were always on hand and their English is excellent, there was never a dull moment from start to finish.
I would not hesitate to recommend Hovd Tour too you, they are a very capable and reputable organisation who can tailor any kind of holiday you desire. I will most certainly be using their services again....
James Singlehurst  (Uk)


Dear Hovd Tour Team, 

We had a wonderful time with our tour guide Biba and driver Hosoo. Thank you so much for organizing the trip. I hope we can visit again in the future and we would love to go with Hovd Tour again. 


Caroline and Vincent

Hey Everyone !!!
How is everyone after this great adventure in Bayan Olgii ???
Here back to Tokyo daily life was a bit hard at the beginning , everything so stressful and speedy... one minute is one minute  can never be  late .... aaaaaaa too much !!!
I really really enjoyed this trip with your company all, really great time and a lot's of Fun and many laugh, I think I haven't laugh that much since long time !! Thank you very much for Hovd Tour.
Julien &Alexandra (France & Japan) 

Hi Buyant and Ganaa
Greetings from Sydney, wishing you all well and an enjoyable summer full of sunshine. Once again, thank you very much for a great trip around Mongolia.
Deryn and Jo (Australia)


Many thanks for the warm welcome at the camp. We really enjoyed our travels in Mongolia and looking forward to returning in the future.
All the best....
David (UK)

Thanks Ganaa,
It was a great trip and your camp really made us feel at home after a long day on the road.
Thanks for your hospitality.
All the best....
Steve (UK)

Ganaa my friend for life
I would like to thank you for organising our tour of UB and the
neighboring countryside last year. Thanks to you we saw some great sights
in the city - some of historical interest and others of great beauty! I
particularly enjoyed our trip to the market, where your local knowledge and
humor proved invaluable. Without your help, I would never have had the
opportunity to experience a night out in the 'Countryside' with a
traditional Mongolian family.
The horse riding will forever
remain in my memory......
Chris and Ramsay

Hi Hovd Tour
We had amazing time in Mongolia. We enjoyed the horse trek very much in the nice countryside around Valley of Orkhon River.
Ingram & Katerin (Sweden)