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Trans Siberian Train Journey 2019

Taking 7621 km (4735 mile) journey for  20 days, passing through 3 countries and 7 time zones... It is the world's most famous train journey . The Trans-Siberian Railroad is definitely the longest railway in the world. The Trans-Siberian Railway is a network of railways connecting Moscow, Mongolia and China. Join us on an awe inspiring adventure journey exploring three great nations and a quarter of the globe. From the grace of Imperial Beijing to the opulence of Moscow, travel along the most famous railway in the world through the beauty of sun baking Gobi Desert, the vast grassy steppe of Mongolia and through the heartland of Siberia.



Day 1:  Arrive Beijing.
 On arrival in Beijing, you will meet your guides at the airport and they will transfer you to the 4* hotel. In the afternoon you will visit the Temple of Heaven which is China's largest existing complex of ancient sacrificial buildings. It was built in 1420 for emperors to worship Heaven. The principle buildings include the Altar of Prayer for Good Harvests, Imperial Vault of Heaven and Circular Mound Altar. The Altar of Prayer for Good Harvest, 38 meters in height and 30 meters in diameter, stands on a round foundation built with three levels of marble stones. The Temple of Heaven was registered into the world cultural heritage list in 1998.Accommodation in 4* hotel in Beijing+Breakfast

Day 2:  Sightseeing to the Great Wall and Ming Emperor's tombs.
Today you will visit the Great Wall of China, which is called “8th world wonder”. The wall stretches 6000 km from East to West. A 1 hour 30 minutes journey from the city, we will arrive at the most magnificent sections of the Great Wall called Badaling. It is located about 80 km northwest of Beijing at1000 meters above sea level. The Badaling wall is 7,600 meters long, average 7.8 meters tall and 5.7 meters wide.  On the way, we will visit to Ming Tombs.  The Ming Tombs form the most extensive burial complex of any Chinese dynasty and are one of the finest preserved pieces of 15th century Chinese art and architecture. The Ming Tombs were listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in August 2003.Overnight in 4* hotel+Breakfast

Day 3: Sightseeing to the For-bidden City, the Summer Palace and Lama Temple.
Today our a full day city sightseeing tour will start the huge Tian An Men Square in the morning and the Imperial Palace (“Forbidden City”), the Summer Palace and Lama Temple, shopping for souvenirs in the afternoon. In the evening, we will enjoy city night life of Beijing, tea house, restaurants, pub and bars. Our guide will remain with you as you return to the hotel. Peaceful overnight in 4* hotel+Breakfast

Day 4: In Beijing - Departure for Mongolia.
In the evening, the rail part of the journey begins. A modern Chinese train will pull out from Beijing's station, en route to Mongolia, a 16-hour trip (Nostalgic Comfort and Bolshoi cars are not available for this one night). Meanwhile, China's busy rural life unfolds outside your window: people working in the fields, donkey-drawn carts on dusty roads, and the great steppes of the Gobi desert. D

Day 5: Through the Gobi desert.
At noon you arrive at the Chinese-Mongolian border and change to your Private Train – the Tsar's Gold. Formalities are easily dispatched in your compartment. In Erlian you can explore the colourful border market. Afterwards, your Private Train takes you through the vast expanse of the Gobi desert, then through the great green steppes of Mongolia. BLD

Day 6: Ulaan Bataar.
In the morning you arrive in the Mongolian capital Ulaan Bataar. We will check into the centrally located hotel and then enjoy a tour of the city. You will see the Gandan Monastery and Choijin Lama temple;
Overnight in 4* Hotel+Breakfast

Day 7: Chinggis Khaan Statute/ Terelj National Park.
Chinggis Khaan Statue is located 54 km from Ulaanbaatar city, among beautiful natural scenery on the bank of the Tuul River, in the place called Tsonjin Boldog. It is a historical place where Chinggis Khan found the golden whip. Today, in this place, 40 meters high statue of Chinggis Khan is erected for in memory of the Great khan. Also it is largest horse statue in the world. Terelj NP: The park is one of the most beautiful places in Mongolia. Here, we will explore the extraordinary formation of rocks and stones; some of them look quite similar to turtles. Hiking to small monastery-Ariya Bal.  Overnight in Tourist Camp+Braekfast.

Day 8-9: Ulaanbaatar/Elsen Tasarkhai /Nomads Family
We will return in Ulaanbaatar. Then we will drive to Kharkkhorin. On the way we stop and spend a day at Elsen Tasarkhai. Elsen Tasarkhai means Sand dunes in the Khangai, a beautiful combination of sand dunes and forest. Here we have a great chance to try at two humped camel trekking. It will be one of the unforgettable experiences in your life.  Next day, We will  visit a local nomad family where you will enjoy their long lasting traditional culture, wonderful hospitality. There we have an opportunity to experience their way of life, their culture and traditions. Free horseback trial. In the evening drink horse milk (fermented mare’s milk) with nomads and sing songs. Dinner will be stone grilled BBQ.  Overnight at Tourist Ger Camp+Braekfast.

Day 10: Kharkhorin –Erdene Zuu Monastery
Kharkhorin,ancient Capital of Great Mongolian Empire and Erdenezuu Monastery, The Monastery is oldest and the first Buddhist monastery in Mongolia. The monastery is surrounded by beautiful white walls with 108 stupas, founded by Avtai Sain Khan in 1586. Kharakhorum was established in the valley of the Orkhon River and was formerly a great capital city built in 1235, by Ogoodei Khan,  Chingish  khaan's third son.  It was one of the stops along the Legendary Silk Road. It was the capital city of the Mongolian Great Empire until Khubilai Khaan, a grandson of Genghis Khaan, moved the capital to Beijing during the Yuan Dynasty.   Overnight at Tourist Ger Camp+Breakfast

Day 11: Drive back to Ulaanbaatar:
Arrive in UB and some further sightseeing in UB and shopping for souvenir. In the evening we will see fascinating performance of traditional folk songs, throat singing, and beautiful melody of horse-headed fiddle, ethnic dances and artistic contortion at Tumen Ekh National Ensemble. Then we will have a farewell dinner at the local restaurants. In Ulaanbaatar there are lots of choices of Restaurants, Italian, Chinese, Indian, Korean, Japanese, Turkish and Russian etc. It will be our customer’s choice. Enjoy city night life and bars. Our guide will remain with you as you return to the hotel. Peaceful overnight in the 4* hotel+Breakfast.


Day 12: Ulan Ude
Bid farewell to the Mongolian steppes as the train rolls on through the valley of Selenga, the largest river of Mongolia. In Ulan Ude your train joins the main route of the Trans Siberian Railroad. Here you can stroll through the city streets or join the guided tour of the city.Ulan Ude is the capital city of the Buryat Republic of Russia and is located on the Uda River at its confluence with the Selenga. The first occupants of the area where Ulan-Ude now stands were the Evenks and later the Buryat Mongols. The city was initially founded in 1666 by Russian Cossacks as a fortress. Due to its favorable geographical position, the city grew rapidly and became a large trade center which connected Russia with China and Mongolia. The Trans-Siberian Railway reached the city in 1900 causing an explosion in growth. The population which was 3,500 in 1880 reached 126,000 in 1939. On 27 July 1934, the city was renamed Ulan-Ude. Today the city has a population of about 360,000. You will definitely get a taste of the East when in Ulan Ude. The major religion of the area is Buddhism and you will see Buddhist monuments and temples here.  Visit to the Ivolginsky Datsan, a Buddhist temple and city tour.  Overnight in Ulan-Ude. BLD

Day 13: Lake Baikal/ Listvyanka Village .
After relaxing breakfast, we will drive to southwestern shore of Lake Baikal, the world's largest and deepest freshwater lake and Listvyanka  village.  The village is situated on the shore of Baikal in Listvenichny bay the place where Angara river, the only outlet, flows out of Baikal. The village is also the site of the Limnological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences. Lake Baikal, known as the “Pearl of Siberia” or the “Blue Eye of Siberia”, is a famous lake in the southern Siberia in Russia. It measures 636 km long, 80 km wide, The deepest point in Lake Baikal is 1637 m, the average depth being 630 m, Lake Baikal has more than 1,700 species of plants and animals including the Baikal Seal, Ringed Seal, Omul, Salmonid, Golomyanka or Baikal oil fish, and Baikal Sturgeon etc. The forested shores of the lake are surmounted by peaks of the Barguzin Mountains.  In 1996, the lake has been declared a World Heritage Site.  Lunch  at the  local restaurant and taste of omul specialties, a famously flavorful salmonoid lake fish. Here we will visit the following museums and one hour boat trip . Baikal Limnological museum / The Museum of Baikal, Baikal Limnological museum is located at the beginning of Listvyanka village. The museum is engaged in collecting and storage the materials and analysis of the information bound with the lake. Tourists will learn much about the origin of the lake, historical investigations, the surrounding area (maps, the samples of rock and minerals, flora and fauna). Together with the explorers of Baikal group members will be omitted on its maximum depth of 1637 m. The Museum of Wooden Architecture On the shore of the Angara river, there is a museum of Wooden Architecture. It consists of several exhibit areas which hold interesting ethnographical collections. The variety of Siberian wooden izbas, churches, living houses and Buryat wooden yurts were brought together from different parts of Siberia. Aquarium with Baikal Seal  Nerpa The aquarium with Baikal endemic seal 'Nerpa' now is situated right at the Baikal museum. Amazing view of trained seals singing and dancing for you! It is said that Nerpa is the only fresh water seal in the world. However, the Saimaa freshwater lake in Finland is also inhabited with ringed seals called "Norppa". It is still a great mystery how nerpa appeared in the centre of the Asian continent, if its relatives live in the northern arctic regions. Overnight in Listvyanka. You will have the chance to capture the beauty of the lake on film and explore the wonderful scenery. Take a moment to have a dip in the lake or visit a picturesque Baikal village. You will also enjoy a short boat ride on the lake. Dinner will be served as a picnic on the shores of the spectacular lke. BLD

Day 14: Irkutsk  
Our guide will meet you at Irkutsk. Check in hotel. After relaxing from your journey,  we will do city tour of Irkutsk where is often called the "Paris of Siberia", Irkutsk city is one of the oldest and most charming cities in the country. Founded as a fortress in 1651 by Russian settlers, Irkutsk today is a reflection of mixed cultures - traders from the east and exiles from the west. The Decembrist story is the most famous and romantic of the Siberian exiles. They were not anarchist revolutionaries, but Officer Corps which had saved Russia from Napoleon in 1812, and were in dispair about the disastrous condition of the country under the incompetent Nicholas I. The story of the Decembrists is told through several related sites in Irktusk, in particular two house-museums. In addition there are several other fascinating museums in Irkutsk that give an excellent sense of the history of the area. The Decembrists left a legacy for culture, which remains to this day. Irkutsk is also a major stop on the Trans-Siberian railroad and a short distance from the world's deepest lake, Lake Baikal. Sightseeing includes Znamensky Russian Orthodox Church, Historical museum and visit to the central food market, etc.  Enjoy city night life of Irkutsk, restaurant, music and bar. Overnight  centrally located hotel in Irkutsk. BLD

Day 15: Across Siberia
After breakfast the train takes you through the landscapes of Eastern Siberia with its mountains, crystal-clear rivers and verdant slopes. On board of the train you enjoy entertaining lectures about Siberia. A social get-together complete with caviar and vodka tasting makes you familiar with Russian hospitality. BLD

Day 16: Novosibirsk
 At noon you pull into Novosibirsk, Siberia's biggest city, and are greeted in the traditional Russian way: with bread, salt and balalaika music. Your city tour includes a visit of the Trans Siberian monument and the mighty Ob River. After dinner, the train continues its ride westwards. BLD

Day 17: Ekaterinburg
 In the afternoon the train stops in Ekaterinburg, the capital of the Ural Mountains and the border between Asia and Europe, where you enjoy a short tour of the city centre which was just restored in 2009. In the course of the city tour you will see the newly erected Cathedral-on-the-Blood, built in memorial of that tragic historical event. From now on your train is on European ground. Here we will change our train to Kazan BLD

Day 18: Kazan
 After breakfast you arrive in Kazan, the old Tartar capital on the banks of the Volga. There is plenty of history here: on a guided tour of the Kremlin you will learn about the wild and often bloody relations of the Tartars, Cossacks, and Russians. Afterwards you can enjoy a boat ride and have lunch on the Volga. The evening offers you one last chance to be pampered in the onboard restaurant. BLD

Day 19: Moscow

 Before noon you arrive in Moscow, Russia's capital and one of the world's richest and most dynamic cities. After the long rail journey, your first class hotel offers comfort and convenience. At noon, your first stop is the Kremlin with its glorious cathedrals. You can also check out the interiors of some of the buildings. After dinner you go on a magical evening trip through the city. This special tour includes a stop at Red Square as well as a subway ride with a visit of two beautiful old stations. BLD

Day 20: Tour of Moscow and return home
 After a savoury breakfast at your hotel you go on a guided tour of Moscow to see the reconstructed Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Lomonossov University, the New Virgin Monastery, and Red Square with its colourful St. Basil's Cathedral, but also the notorious former KGB headquarters and the White House. Bid your fantastic journey farewell before your departure to the airport.



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Group size:

2, 4 up to 12 people

Tour length:

20 days/19 nights

Tour cost:

$4,450.00 USD per person for 2-3 people: 
$3,950.00 USD per person for 4-7 people:
$3,650.00 USD per person for 7-12 people: including taxes

Tour price included

* 2-berth rail ticket for whole journey
* 20 breakfasts, 9 lunches: 9 dinners

*All transfer
* 3 nights 4 star hotel,
* Breakfasts
* Guided excursions

*All transportation
* 4 nights with Nomads in
traditional Mongolian ger camp
* All meals listed in itinerary
* Guided Tour
* 2 night 4 star hotel

Ulan Ude
* 1 night hotel in Ulan Ude
including a city tour
* Meals

Lake Baikal & Listvyanka Village
All transportation
* Guided tour
* 2 nights 3 star hotel
Listvyanka Village
* Meals
*All transportation
* Guided city tour
* 1 night 3 star hotel in Irkutsk city
* Meals
* Guid
ed tour
* Meals
* Transfer on arrival to your hotel
* 1 nights first class hotel
* Walking tour with local guide
* Transfer to the train station or airport on departure


Tour price not included:
• International flights
• Visa and passport fees
• International departure taxes and excess baggage fees
• Insurances of any kind
• Hotel porterage
• All items of personal nature: Laundry, room service charges, phone call, drinks etc.
• Alcoholic drinks
• Tips



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Client's comment

Just a quick email to thank you and all your people for a well organised and enjoyable tour. We arrived back on Saturday and have just finished unpacking. We are pleased with our photos of Mongolia and will forward some pictures of birds for you to identify.
Thanks again........
Terry Briggs
Dr S Subba Rao (England,UK)

Hi Ganaa and Buyant
I can confirm that Hovd Tour organised a fantastic
Mongolian adventure for me. From the greeting at the airport I was filled with confidence that I was in capable hands and my feelings were proved correct.
At no time did I ever feel uneasy whilst such a long way from home, my guides were always on hand and their English is excellent, there was never a dull moment from start to finish.
I would not hesitate to recommend Hovd Tour too you, they are a very capable and reputable organisation who can tailor any kind of holiday you desire. I will most certainly be using their services again....
James Singlehurst  (Uk)


Dear Hovd Tour Team, 

We had a wonderful time with our tour guide Biba and driver Hosoo. Thank you so much for organizing the trip. I hope we can visit again in the future and we would love to go with Hovd Tour again. 


Caroline and Vincent

Hey Everyone !!!
How is everyone after this great adventure in Bayan Olgii ???
Here back to Tokyo daily life was a bit hard at the beginning , everything so stressful and speedy... one minute is one minute  can never be  late .... aaaaaaa too much !!!
I really really enjoyed this trip with your company all, really great time and a lot's of Fun and many laugh, I think I haven't laugh that much since long time !! Thank you very much for Hovd Tour.
Julien &Alexandra (France & Japan) 

Hi Buyant and Ganaa
Greetings from Sydney, wishing you all well and an enjoyable summer full of sunshine. Once again, thank you very much for a great trip around Mongolia.
Deryn and Jo (Australia)


Many thanks for the warm welcome at the camp. We really enjoyed our travels in Mongolia and looking forward to returning in the future.
All the best....
David (UK)

Thanks Ganaa,
It was a great trip and your camp really made us feel at home after a long day on the road.
Thanks for your hospitality.
All the best....
Steve (UK)

Ganaa my friend for life
I would like to thank you for organising our tour of UB and the
neighboring countryside last year. Thanks to you we saw some great sights
in the city - some of historical interest and others of great beauty! I
particularly enjoyed our trip to the market, where your local knowledge and
humor proved invaluable. Without your help, I would never have had the
opportunity to experience a night out in the 'Countryside' with a
traditional Mongolian family.
The horse riding will forever
remain in my memory......
Chris and Ramsay

Hi Hovd Tour
We had amazing time in Mongolia. We enjoyed the horse trek very much in the nice countryside around Valley of Orkhon River.
Ingram & Katerin (Sweden)