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Natural Beauty of Mongolia


Mongolia remains one of the most pristine and unspoiled regions of the world. It spans the last intact ecological transition from subarctic habitats through steppes to Asian desert. Mongolia has centuries of tradition of respect for nature and the oldest nature reserve in the world.

Mountains dominated two-third of the country. Mongolia’s highest peaks are permanently snow-capped and glaciers .There is 2000 lakes and 3800 rivers in Mongolia. The continental watershed crosses Mongolia’s northern regions and divides the country into two parts with dissimilar climates –north Mongolia continues the East Siberian natural scenery. Whilst the southern section: taking up two thirds of Mongolian vast area, belongs to arid desert and semi-desert.
Mongolian largest lakes are Khovsgol, Khar Us, and Ubs. Khovsgol Lake is the deepest lake (282m) and the country’s largest freshwater recourse. 

The country’s largest rivers are Selenge, Orkhon, Tuul, Hovd, Kherlen and Halhin Gol. Selenge River flows into Lake Baikal in Russia. Baikal is the world’s largest volume of freshwater. 
4000 plant species occur in Mongolia. Mongolia is the habitat of 136 mammal species, 436 species of bird, 20 reptile, 10 amphibian and 75 fish species and more than 15,000 insect species. Many Mongolian animals, their ecosystems and riches, are very rare in Eurasia and the world. For example: Snow Lepard (Uncia uncia), Takhi Horse (Equus przewalskii), Wild Ass (Equus hemionus luteus), Gobi Bear, Wild Bactrian camel (Camelus bactrainus ferus), Dalmation Pelican (Pelecanus crispus Bruch) etc.

The steppes from east to west are splendid pastures. The grass cover is diverse and rich in flowers and herbs, a mix of alpine, temperature and Mediterranean flowers co-existing. Nearly 10% is forest. Mainly conifers in the northern region next to Siberia. Trees are conifers, predominantly larch, cedar, fine, fir and spruce. Most of Mongolia is wide open steppes, grasslands in transition with the arid lands of the Gobi Desert.
The forests support wolf, wild boar, elk, moose, deer, caribou, antelope and brown bear. The steppes and forest margins support marmot, muskrat, fox, steppe fox and sable. Remote mountains support wild cats such as lynx and snow leopard, ibex and wild sheep-Argali.

Mongolia is the home of the wild ass, wild camel, wild sheep, ibex and nocturnal yellow bear. The wild horse –Takhi is being reintroduced from captive herds abroad. Bird life rich and includes golden eagle, bearded vulture and other birds of prey. While the 2000 lakes are a magnet for water birds including storks, Black storks (Ciconia nigra), Dalmation Pelicans, Relict gulls , Bar headed goose, and Great white egret etc. 

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Client's comment

Just a quick email to thank you and all your people for a well organised and enjoyable tour. We arrived back on Saturday and have just finished unpacking. We are pleased with our photos of Mongolia and will forward some pictures of birds for you to identify.
Thanks again........
Terry Briggs
Dr S Subba Rao (England,UK)

Hi Ganaa and Buyant
I can confirm that Hovd Tour organised a fantastic
Mongolian adventure for me. From the greeting at the airport I was filled with confidence that I was in capable hands and my feelings were proved correct.
At no time did I ever feel uneasy whilst such a long way from home, my guides were always on hand and their English is excellent, there was never a dull moment from start to finish.
I would not hesitate to recommend Hovd Tour too you, they are a very capable and reputable organisation who can tailor any kind of holiday you desire. I will most certainly be using their services again....
James Singlehurst  (Uk)


Dear Hovd Tour Team, 

We had a wonderful time with our tour guide Biba and driver Hosoo. Thank you so much for organizing the trip. I hope we can visit again in the future and we would love to go with Hovd Tour again. 


Caroline and Vincent

Hey Everyone !!!
How is everyone after this great adventure in Bayan Olgii ???
Here back to Tokyo daily life was a bit hard at the beginning , everything so stressful and speedy... one minute is one minute  can never be  late .... aaaaaaa too much !!!
I really really enjoyed this trip with your company all, really great time and a lot's of Fun and many laugh, I think I haven't laugh that much since long time !! Thank you very much for Hovd Tour.
Julien &Alexandra (France & Japan) 

Hi Buyant and Ganaa
Greetings from Sydney, wishing you all well and an enjoyable summer full of sunshine. Once again, thank you very much for a great trip around Mongolia.
Deryn and Jo (Australia)


Many thanks for the warm welcome at the camp. We really enjoyed our travels in Mongolia and looking forward to returning in the future.
All the best....
David (UK)

Thanks Ganaa,
It was a great trip and your camp really made us feel at home after a long day on the road.
Thanks for your hospitality.
All the best....
Steve (UK)

Ganaa my friend for life
I would like to thank you for organising our tour of UB and the
neighboring countryside last year. Thanks to you we saw some great sights
in the city - some of historical interest and others of great beauty! I
particularly enjoyed our trip to the market, where your local knowledge and
humor proved invaluable. Without your help, I would never have had the
opportunity to experience a night out in the 'Countryside' with a
traditional Mongolian family.
The horse riding will forever
remain in my memory......
Chris and Ramsay

Hi Hovd Tour
We had amazing time in Mongolia. We enjoyed the horse trek very much in the nice countryside around Valley of Orkhon River.
Ingram & Katerin (Sweden)